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LITTLE STAR PUBLIC SCHOOL in the year 2013, it took a pledge to nourish the harmonious development of the children. It is geared to achieve the goals and objectives through a transparent and scientific method and it took forward to attain sustainable growth very similar to the innovative approach adopted by the leading public schools in the country. It devised a practical in-built mechanism for academic audit and accountability. The school gives emphasis on instilling moral, ethical values and encouraging the children to stand on their own with courage and confidence to face the challenges of the modern world. The faculty members are committed to unfold what is unfolded in the child. The school is backed by expert and experienced teachers with a purpose to create milestones, the teachers like a gardener looks after the little human plants, care for them and help them bloom with beauty and perfection. The school has endeared itself to the public by offering qualitative education at an affordable cost even to the poorest section of the society with a Nobel purpose to bring them to the mainstream of life.

The school believes in embracing the changing dynamics of our society and at the same time preserving the values of our country. A school that fosters the 21st century skills of collaboration and cooperation, it allows the students to learn the social skills of leadership, decision-making, trust-building, effective communication and conflict management. It nurtures the curiosity of the child. The students learn by hands-on experience. The patience and the tolerance of the faculty go a long way in grooming and moulding the young mind of today’s India. Centurion Public School is committed to excellence in the field of education.


A core value is a principal belief clearly understood and shared by every member of the school community. We believe in commitment, opportunity, respect and excellence.