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  • The school will not achieve its objectives of imparting quality education unless the parents extend their unreserved Co-operative efforts of both the teachers and parents can both the child to germinate healthy habits and disciplined attitude to life

  • 1. Kindly check the child’s school Diary regularly and take the writing of the teacher seriously.

  • 2. Help the child to bring the required books and copies daily to the school The brown paper should be changed when torn or untidy.

  • 3. Encourage the child to speak in English.

  • 4. Check the haircut and uniform of your ward before he/she leaves for school.

  • 5. In case the child has to remain absent from the school send a leave application to explain to sufficient reason for absence.

  • 6. Encourage your ward to take a balanced interest in studies, co-curricular activities and sports.

  • 7. Teach the child good etiquette, manners and sense of responsibility.

  • 8. Owe the school like yours and any problem concerning the education of your child the school as yours and the problem concerning education of your child be brought to the notice of the class teacher/principal without any hesitation

  • 9. Restrict daily pocket money to school and excessive spending should be discouraged

  • 10. Always keep in the mind. The days of the parents-teachers meetings and find time to attend them.

  • 11. Parents, please ensure that all the article’s and personal belongings of the child bear his / her name class and section.

  • 12. If your ward is absent from school he/she must make up all the work missed by him/her.

  • 13. The report card is an important document and it should be returned within five days after receiving it. The duplicate report card will be issued on the payment of Rs. 50/- to the office counter.

  • 14. tudent suffering from chronic diseases are advised to be under continuous medical supervision.

  • 15. Application of nail polish, Mehandi, perfume and wearing costly ornaments during school days is strictly prohibited.

  • 16. The nail should be trimmed regularly and clean regularly.

  • 17. Please note if you want to celebrate your wards birthday, do please send him/her with the colour dress and only toffee for the classmates