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Guidelines to the students

All students should be proud of their school and make efforts to uphold its name and dignity they should remain involved in all its activities and make the best use of their time at the school

1. Bring your school diary to school every day

2. come to school clean well groomed and in proper uniform with polished shoes.

3. Remain regular in attendance ad never be late for the school

4. Attend morning assembly and other school activities.

5. Study diligently and attentively in the classroom and never waste your time while at school.

6. Be ready to pick up good habits and shun from nuisance, learn the social manners and prepare yourself for healthy citizenship

7. Be courteous, respectful and Considerate to your parents, teachers, elders and visitors.

8. Look after school property help to keep it clean and avoid ink marks on the walls and furniture.

9. Keep your classroom clean, throw waste into the dustbin.

10. Be polite to all and be ready to lend a helping hand at home and at the school.


The school library is the repository of wisdom and lifeline of the school the creative mind of the young growing children is shaped and furnished in the school library

Keep this in mind the school has developed a unique library which provides a wide of textbooks. Literacy magazines and newspaper.

The school library is opened to all bonafide students of the school. there is the provision of library period in the timetable except for Nursery, LKG, & UKG


1. No book will be issued if the child is without school.

2. A student can keep a book issue to him/her for a week.

3. If he/she is unable to return it within the stipulated a fine of Rs . 1 per day shall be changed

4. If a book is lost or Damaged, the students have to pay double the cost of the book